Your Website 2020

Next year, 40% of your website visitors will be mobile. Be ready for it with SolutionPoint. Responsive website for PC, Laptop, iPad, Tablets, Mobiles, etc.. all in one for all devices.

Hope all is bright and well lit at your end!

A grand welcome to the times of lights, prosperity, familial bonding and discounts to boost your Internet Brand. Well, discounts are everywhere, sprawled in newspaper ads, mobile / Internet popups and on billboards. We can't be far behind on this trend, though we sometimes claim to be different!
Migrate Domain Hosting
As we hop on to this bandwagon, here's introducing our Diwali discount and new intros. The condition here is that you have a limited period to acquire this discount.

Domain, Hosting, Design, Promotion - Book a new .IN @Rs.275, get basic hosting. This October, we're celebrating Internet Safety Awareness Month at SolutionPoint and we have slashed prices of some of our most popular safety products all through this month! What's more, you get no-cost hosting migrate, and other fabulous promotions.


Compared to industry standard of stacking 500+ websites on one shared server to maximize profit, our policy is less than 100 clean business sites per custom managed server, which are highly secure and agile.

That's not all, you can also continue to avail fantastic discounts on our Linux Hosting and dedicated secure servers for enterprises as our Amazing Hosting Promo has now been extended until 30th October, 2014 - contact at Indiahosting.org


Fast Loading

Our #1 Priority is making a website load before visitor's eye blinks!


Eco Servers

Pleasant on Economy and Ecosystem - saving for future of humanity.


SSL Secure

Unlike the rest, we secure networks before slapping fancy looks.